5 Weeks Pregnant!


Today marks 5 weeks of pregnancy! It’s still so exciting. Most everyone knows, so we get to celebrate with everyone around. The last few days, I’ve even started having some symptoms. Exciting for me, it just makes me really feel like I AM pregnant 🙂

So far symptoms are…

BLOATING – And a lot of it, since the day we found out, my stomach is 2.25 inches bigger, which is obviously not baby! My pants (that aren’t leggings and sweats) are all too tight, luckily I’ve got enough stretchy pants and skirts, I can find things to wear! The next symptom…

SORE BOOBS – and oh wow, I feel like I got hit in the chest with a bat. I have never felt like this, and I know it’s just going to get worse. I wore a regular bra today, and man that was a mistake! I’m sticking to sports bras, and doubling them up for activities. I never sleep in them, but now it’s a stretchy one for bed.

The last couple days I feel like I’ve almost been nauseous, but not enough that it’s bad, I know what is impending, I’m taking full advantage of my good appetite now!

I’ve already stacked up on some items, thanks to family and craigslist! I got one of these, a Graco Travel Light Crib, for $30, and it’s in great shape! It was easy to put up, very light, has a bassinet and is a playpen (with 3 bigger dogs, I plan that we’ll need a few to keep baby off the floor). Can’t wait to be able to use it!


I also got over a dozen cloth diapers, for about half the cost of them new, in fairly neutral colors, which we can just add to when it comes time. Also – and very generous family member gave us a stroller! I gotta remember to slow it down, I want to get everything right now, but we’ve got plenty of time. I’m excited to start my DIY projects, and find more great baby deals!

I promise I’ll continue the Charting series, though I didn’t get to do my own charts for long, I think it is incredibly interesting, informative and helpful!



PREGNANT! (4 Weeks)


Ahh! How exciting! I thought this might be a good time to make this blog a little more personal, and share my pregnancy/birth/post pregnancy week to week. Today, according to my ovulation date (which I know just what day that was, from charting and using Fertility Friend!) I am 5 weeks pregnant!

This last month I was charting, taking temps everyday at the same time, charting cervical mucus and cervix position. Now, this was our first month going with the “see what happens” philosophy, and apparently THIS is what happens! So, we are very very lucky, and my thoughts and prayers that go out to all of the women who experience infertility and trouble conceiving. I also do know all of the things that can go wrong, but my thoughts on that right now are, that we will cross that bridge if we get there. I don’t want to spend my whole first trimester worrying, I want to enjoy being a mommy!

I found out last Tuesday, after I had a few days of cramping, spotting at 7 and 10 dpo (like, one spot literally all day) and Tuesday was 12 dpo. AF wasn’t scheduled until Saturday, but knowing that there is a good chance to get a faint positive at 12 dpo, I decided to get a couple tests on my lunch break, and of course couldn’t wait until FMU the next day! I was on a 3-ish hour hold and got a positive almost right away. A couple hours later, I took a second and viola, another positive! (Using blue-dye tests). After work I went to Target and bought a bunch of baby gifts, wrapped them up and took them home and gave them to my husband. He guessed what it was before he even opened them (dissapointing) but, who cares, we’re pregnant!

We told close family and a couple friends right away, then told the rest of the family and announced to Facebook (classy, right?) on Monday. Now, most everyone knows, and I am so excited!

From the day we found out (3 weeks, 5 days) through 4 ish weeks, I really had no symptoms, after cramps stopped, I was feeling pretty normal. I’ll continue with my symptoms from the last week in my 5 week post!


Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, which is a grand celebration for so many. I want to make sure to also speak to those who find Mother’s day hard. Whether struggling to be a mother, losing a child, or losing your mother, this day is just as much for you.

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, types, a mother is not just someone who births a child.

This is for all of you.


A mother can be someone who has given birth, raised a child, coached a child, taught a child, watched a child grow, lost a child or longs to have one. A mother is a verb, a feeling, not something physical. YouTube’s Missy Lanning did a great job at capturing this very thought. Check out both her videos (below).


10 Strange Birth Customs from Around the World

Though America may have some customs that even ourselves find strange, here are 10 strange birth customs from around the world!

What do you think about these? 

10 Strange Birth Customs from Around the World