You guys!!! 10 Weeks

It’s been a minute hasn’t it!?

I am so sorry to be gone for 5 WHOLE WEEKS! But I have been so emotional, crazy, tired I have had no energy or will to write a blog post!

So, quickly (before I start crying again) to recap my last 5 weeks…

Having no pants that fit
More Sleeping
Irrational everything
Crazy Dreams

There it is in a nutshell!

Today I am also watching the Documentary Chemerical ( and it has re-jumpstarted my need to be all natural that faded a little since moving, and becoming very lazy!

I have a new list of DIY natural cleaners, I’m going to start collecting products and go less-chemical and more natural! I already clean with mostly vinegar and baking soda, but I have a few chemicals and lots of personal care products that I use everyday. Let’s clean it up and get ready for baby!

I do have a question for everyone: What kind of natural/organic cosmetics do you use!?!?


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